What to expect in therapy

It is not uncommon for most people to struggle with sadness and anxiety at various times in their lives.  Sometimes it can be helpful to talk to someone who can provide another way to think about the problem, which can then change the way you feel about the problem.

For others, simply challenging thoughts does not seem to help.  If you find that your emotions get in the way of achieving important goals (e.g. relationships, career), learning new ways to experience your emotions may be helpful to you.

We will carefully monitor the concerns you have identified to work on in therapy.  At each session I will assess what is interfering in your ability to succeed.  There are generally four reasons why we struggle: lack of skill, strong emotion, problematic thoughts, and the influence of our environment.  We will look for these obstacles in your life and find the best way to help you succeed.

It has taken our whole lives to become the people that we are today, and change does not happen overnight.  We will practice new ways of thinking, experiencing emotion, and asserting with others during your session and, when appropriate, you will be assigned homework to continue your practice at home.